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Sarah Biersteker


Sarah is a Fellow Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute and has over 18 years expertise in market research, communications, strategic planning, corporate training and project management. She provides marketing consultancy services and business coaching across Australia focused on transformational growth through strategic focus.

Sarah brings her corporate skills to the training and development of youth entrepreneurs, through coaching students to become job creators and future leaders. She does this through formal secondary teaching qualifications and her youth innovation club, Spark Plugs.


Serious stuff

  • Coffee: Yes please!! Oh you mean what type, long black!

  • Addicted to: Coffee (but we’ve covered that already) and coffee...

  • Favourite brand: I love brands that really speak to their customers about ‘why’ they are and how together the brand and the customer can become great - eg: thankyou.

Fun stuff

  • Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Institute of Marketing

  • 17 years’ experience in strategic marketing integration

  • Postgraduate studies in research management

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner